We at Dentacast feel that we are the Vitallium Laboratory of choice for the discerning practitioner, Quality Hospital or visionary Laboratory. 
We have used Vitallium in our laboratory for over 50 years for a number of reasons, these comprise of:- 
PROPERTIES - Vitallium's outstanding properties make elegant constuctions possible, causing minimal impact on the patient's taste sensation. 
BIOCOMPATIBILTY - Vitallium carrys a biocertificate that proves that the alloy has been scientifically tested for its compatibilty in the mouth and body. The tests were carried out at the Rhieinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) in Aachen, Germany. 
USER FRIENDLY - Removably dentures can be easily adjusted to accommodate change in the patient's mouth. 
DURABILTY - The durable high-lustre alloy has a smooth surface, ensuring that damage such as plaque does not get a foothold, so providing protection against inflammation. 
FIT - Last but not least, the fit. We are able to achieve a fit using Vitallium that is without comparison. 
“We at Dentacast pride ourselves on quality and precision." Dan Wollen, Director (GDC No. 125014) 
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